Cat Tales

A Little Bit of the British

One very big cat scoping out a place to call home. One very big cat checking out humans as he checks but a new place to call home. His name is Buck Rogers and a major player in the future of another cat. After checking and approving of the humans and location this big handsome Main Coon brings another smaller cat to check out a new home. This cat is dark gray, short hair. He is almost mistaken for a Russian Blue by the humans at the Sanctuary. Buck Rogers brought this gentleman in it was obvious he already told him this would be their new home. 
Cat Tales

The Story of a Viking

This girl’s life at the Sanctuary all started on day two at the rescue the team, Mark and Dorothy, did in Meade County (link to Smokey). They were out on-site when they counted not two, but three cats left to catch. When they left the day before they only had two now they have two plus one BIG CAT. She is almost too big for the biggest rescue trap we had. It’s a good thing she is very friendly and a fresh dump. Smokey who is the leader of the pride at the rescue site takes her in and when Mark and Dorothy show up he is sure to let them know about the new arrival. 
Cat Tales

Story of the Supreme Commander

What is jet black, long, skinny, and has extra sharp needle claws? If you said a cat you are half right. If you said a black cat who runs a sanctuary you win. Her name is Tituba and as of 2018 is fourteen years old. She is a full blood Black Bombay cat who came to the humans of Crazy Cat Sanctury even before the thought of a rescue or sanctuary was thought of. 
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