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Cat Tales

The Story of a Little Black Wonder

One afternoon Mark, aka Daddy to us kids, got a call from the dad in this household asking if we might be willing to give Midnight a new home because they realized they knew nothing about raising a cat. Of course, Daddy said yes, so she made the trip down to her new house in Mt. Sherman, Ky. Midnight became the second Black Beauty as Crazy Cat Sanctuary. After Sister, Dorothy, got together with Midnight a few days later she tells Sister she is keeping the name to honor the boys who helped her get to her now FUR-EVER home. After a few months, she also told Sister, who, by the way, is a cat whisperer. That she has a new goal in life. She wants her Mom, Jo Ann, Sister, Dorothy, and Daddy Mark to help her rescue Black Cats and Kittens. 
Cat Tales

A Little Bit of the British

One very big cat scoping out a place to call home. One very big cat checking out humans as he checks but a new place to call home. His name is Buck Rogers and a major player in the future of another cat. After checking and approving of the humans and location this big handsome Main Coon brings another smaller cat to check out a new home. This cat is dark gray, short hair. He is almost mistaken for a Russian Blue by the humans at the Sanctuary. Buck Rogers brought this gentleman in it was obvious he already told him this would be their new home. 
Cat Tales

The Story of a Viking

This girl’s life at the Sanctuary all started on day two at the rescue the team, Mark and Dorothy, did in Meade County (link to Smokey). They were out on-site when they counted not two, but three cats left to catch. When they left the day before they only had two now they have two plus one BIG CAT. She is almost too big for the biggest rescue trap we had. It’s a good thing she is very friendly and a fresh dump. Smokey who is the leader of the pride at the rescue site takes her in and when Mark and Dorothy show up he is sure to let them know about the new arrival. 
Cat Tales

Bogey’s Tale

As you know, Cats and dogs are supposed to be like oil and water, where the two in most cases never get along, except maybe when they’re raised together. They usually chase each other off on the street when they meet. But enter one Giant Boston Terrier, not Boston Bulldog as these do not exist, gotten from Austin Boston Rescue in Texas. This guy was quite a character from the very start. 
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