The Cats Made Me Do It!!! Cat Tales The Story Of A Coat Of Many Colors

The Story Of A Coat Of Many Colors

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We all remember the Bible Story of Joseph and his coat of many colors in Genesis 37. Well, there is a particular cat that has a coat of many colors, that cat is the Calico. Most are multicolored in a white coat, and to be calico, they have to have at least three colors in white. They dumped our gorgeous calico at a house down the road from The Sanctuary. The woman who brought her to the humans who would later become Mommy, Daddy, and Sister to her because she already has several cats of her own. She was not really sure what was going on, being dumped from one car and now being brought to another place directly after that. This calico did not even want to leave the second car, so she hid under the seat and wouldn’t let anyone get her out. That is, until she heard this strange man’s voice talking to her. She crept to the edge under the back of the seat and looked out. Everyone else stood back from the cat while this happened. Shortly the human reached out gently and stroked a cute head and the next thing this calico knows she is secure in the human arms. This little bundle of color did not even try to struggle as her new daddy loved on her as they walked to the house. Once inside, mommy wondered what a good name might be and this little girl immediately climbed crawled on his shoulders. Mommy said, “maybe Toppie?” and she held her head up proudly as if to approve. The quickest naming The Sanctuary ever had. For the next few months, Toppie would stay as close to Daddy as she could when he was at home and shadow him, not wanting to be far away from her “savior”. Her confidence grows, and she starts “helping” Daddy with some of his projects. Especially when he would work with his jewelry stuff, making bracelets or necklaces. Now, he never gets mad because he knows it is a cat, he just picks up the pieces and starts over. But yes, he does get frustrated at times, but never mad. The kids are too precious to him. Fast-forward, after about six months, Ms. Toppie sits down with her sister, a cat whisperer, to answer a significant question, to adopt or not to adopt. Ms. Toppie says, “I have Daddy. I am home.” So, she has her Fur-Ever home with her Daddy, and she is very much a “Daddy’s Girl.” Mark has had to be away for a few months and Ms. Toppie stands guard over his workshop. One of her favorite places because she usually had Daddy to herself out there. In good weather, she sits on the outside of the workbench of the steps leading to the inside. In bad weather, she sits in the back living room window watching his shop, just waiting for more one-on-one time with her daddy. If Sister had to go out and open the shop door for any reason, Ms. Toppie is right there as she must inspect every inch of the shop inside to be sure everything is ready for her Daddy when he gets home later this year.

Another thing Daddy does it to write Cozy Cat Mysteries and yes, Toppie is in them. **Coming Soon Jules Verne’s Adventure (To Space or Not To Space) as one example or the Book to be released soon The Cats Made Me Do It!!! About a computer programmer/troubleshooter in New York City. As Daddy writes or her sister typed them up, “I have to help,” she says as she plays with Daddy’s pen or helps her sister on the computer. When Toppie does settle down and nap, it is either beside her Daddy’s workstation when he is at home, on his side of the bed, or on his lap when he is relaxing, so she can get some good Daddy-loving in. “Inspire my Daddy while he writes, just like one of his favorite author’s cats used to do. Ms. Lilian Jackson Braun (link with affiliate link) The author of “The Cat Who…” Series had help from her cat while writing these and other cat books, so I help Daddy when I can.” And yes, she is an enormous inspiration. Even while Daddy is on the road, Ms. Toppie is right there with him in This Picture (Insert Toppie Book Picture) One thing we are sure about at The Sanctuary is that when Toppies’ Daddy gets home, he will probably not even be able to leave to go to the grocery store for a few weeks. Right Toppie? Right DJango, Daddy’s BIG Boy (That’s another story) (Insert link to blog entry) For now, rest assured Daddy’s stuff is safe as long as Toppie is on duty. And definitely, when God created this little bundle of fur, he definitely made a special one-of-a-kind kid and threw away the mold.