2 thoughts on “Just in time for Autumn reading time.

  1. Georgia McNabb

    Loved the bobcat story, I have a Pixiebob, breed from Main Coon Stock!

    1. catsmademedoit@gmail.com

      Feel free to share a picture of your fur baby.

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3d book display image of To Space Or Not To Space

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Cats in space? Dogs from the Dog Star? It could happen. Welcome to Catdromida the home of “The Three Tuxedos”. Its both a galaxy of twelve planets and a world consisting of three of those planets in an equal plane orbit less than a days travel between each of the three. The question one must ask is what could go wrong on a world run by cats. After all, cats claim they could run our world better than we do. Shakespeare once said “To be or not to be…”. Now we look up from our little planet and say “To Space or Not To Space, that is the question. What’s out there and what will happen when we find it. Strap in as we head out to Catdromida and see what's happening in the counsel chambers as “The Three Tuxedos” meet with a team from the Cat Treats factory. Mark “Crazy Cat Daddy” Nelson and Tiger Tye

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