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The Story of a Little Black Wonder

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Midnight’s Story

So what started the desire to take in black cats and kittens? It was one little kitty who goes by the name of Midnight she started out life a bit on the rough side. She came to a house on some property outside of Hodgenville, Ky, and found a family who took her in. The only problem was they are a “Dog Family.” They don’t understand cats and the “servant” or “caretaker” role humans play in a true “cat family” relationship. One might own a dog, but no one owns the free spirit called a cat. Anyway, the boys in the house talked mom and dad into taking this black cat in until they figured out they know nothing about taking care of cats. This cat and their two dogs did not always see eye to eye either making it rough on the cat. After a couple of days though the boys decided to give this black cat a name. They called her Midnight.

One afternoon Mark, aka Daddy to us kids, got a call from the dad in this household asking if we might be willing to give Midnight a new home because they realized they knew nothing about raising a cat. Of course, Daddy said yes, so she made the trip down to her new house in Mt. Sherman, Ky. Midnight became the second Black Beauty as Crazy Cat Sanctuary. After Sister, Dorothy, got together with Midnight a few days later she tells Sister she is keeping the name to honor the boys who helped her get to her now FUR-EVER home. After a few months, she also told Sister, who, by the way, is a cat whisperer. That she has a new goal in life. She wants her Mom, Jo Ann, Sister, Dorothy, and Daddy Mark to help her rescue Black Cats and Kittens. She also wants help to get the truth about black cats out to the world. “WE ARE NOT EVIL. Like Siamese, some of us have a feisty side, but we are not EVIL.” She is now putting together her own rescue team called “The Black Cat Rescue Squad.” She has already recruited Mr. Django and Ms. Abbie to her team. With this, we try to share the history of Black Cats and how they have been used through the centuries by witches and other areas related to Evil and “The Dark Side.” Because of this history, we do not adopt out any black cats during the time of Sept 15 to Dec 1. We do take in the precious cats any time of the year and Midnight loves welcoming them into the Sanctuary and her team takes very good care of them too. Now you know why she is our “Little Black Wonder” and why we love every little thing about her.