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The Story of A… Bobcat?

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Buck Rogers’ Story

What’s Big? Huge? Gigantic? And Grey and White? And Purrs? When first seen by a neighbor as it moved through the woods it was seen through a spotting scope. He thought it was a Bob Cat. Then another neighbor saw him on her back porch looking up at her as if asking for food. She thought the same thing. They both asked Mar, JoAnn, and Dorothy if they had seen a Bobcat and told them about their experiences. Later that day Mark set out some food for this mystery cat, the first sighting of it for them is at lunch the next day as it accepts the food. After a few days of patience, some food, and milk along with some gentle talking Mark gets to pet this big cat. Turns out its not a bobcat, but it is a very big cat. A few days later this cat escorts another cat into the sanctuary to meet Mark. This one turns out to be a British Shorthair who becomes known as James Patterson. (Read His story Here). It’s as if this giant of a cat was checking them out before bringing in a buddy. What is strange though, both these cats are purebloods. As humans get to study this big boy over the next couple weeks they realize this guy is a full blood Maine Coon and that would explain why some mistake him for a bobcat. Shortly after he drops his buddy off he decides the humans are safe enough to talk to, and he decides to spend more time with Mark and Dorothy. He is still not quite sure about JoAnn because of her higher energy level. Give him time. Dorothy takes time to talk to this big cat while outback and learns he was dumped by humans about four months earlier and his buddy was dumped about a month later, so they had some time in the woods before contacting the humans. After that talk, he was encouraged through Mark and his buddy to venture inside where he found more love and some food along with another bowl of milk just for him. At that point, he decides he likes this and “signs on the dotted line”. A few days later, with the cat whisperer’s help, Dorothy, he decided on a space adventure name and takes the name, Buck Rogers.

From this point forward he and his buddy, James Patterson, become inseparable. They go out and around the grounds checking on the other cats and kittens. They make sure everyone, including their humans, are safe. The cats all expect daily loving sessions with all three humans. And of course, there are three meals and a bowl of milk daily. On, and “Concoctions” Wet food every Saturday.

After about eighteen months Buck hears the call and heads back into the woods behind the Sanctuary and starts spending more time back there with a feral cat colony. He now oversees the colony full time, and we do not see much of him anymore. We get reports about him through a friend whose porch he visits on a regular basis. The big problem is we still have not found the colony, so we could call in a TNR Group to work with us on spay, neuter, and health check. One day though. And Buck, keep in touch we love you.