To Space Or Not To Space

Episode 6


To Space Or Not To Space

Episode 5 Dog Park

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Tituba – Supreme Commander (Bombay Cat)
Jule Verne, Boost, and Toby – The Three Tuxedos
Bach, Beethoven – The Scientists
Theodore Roosevelt – Assistant to the Scientists
James Patterson and Buck Rogers – The Three Tuxedos’ Advisers.
Django, Cobain, Ginger, and Mr. Boots – Security to The Three Tuxedos
Donna Noble and Toppie – Advisors to Supreme Commander Tituba
Bagheera and Shanti – Coolville
Fictitious Big Cat Jumba
When last we met The Three Tuxedos and their team along with Django and his team just as they got back from a meal break. Shortly before that Teddy received a couple of messages on the CATNET console instead of across the true CATNET where all the cats in the War Room would have gotten them at the same time. One was from the center of the Mass saying they wanted to meet and one from Bagerra and Shanti: on Coolville saying the Terrafarm machines had gone crazy and were making… A DOG PARK
Everyone in the War Room and Space Platform Alpha One are on high alert and once again checking the Giant… “GINGER, get off the center of the monitor, NOW” howls Mr. Jules Verne. “How many times do I have to tell you and Cobain we ALL want to see what is going on?”
“Sorry sir, I guess I got overzealous again. I will try to do better.”
Now, where were we? Oh yes, the monitor. The team is studying the giant table monitor to see if anything has changed. They are also wondering again about the terra farming machines and the dog park thing.
“Beethoven, could this turn of events on the islands be a sign that those invaders are from the Dog Star Nebula?”
“I’m not sure Mr. Verne. It is a good possibility though.”
Mr. Verne turns to the full group. “It is about time to head to the lounge, gentle cats. Django you and your group lead the way and have a couple of guards bringing up the rear. I presume the lounge is secure?”
“Yes sir it is and security is already set for the walkover.”
Then sir, please lead the way” Mr. Verne says with a nod.
With that the team heads to the lounge set aside for a very interesting meeting.
What will they find? Dogs as they suspect or what? As they approach the doors Django nods to one of his team standing guard at the door and he pushes a button on his harness to open it to allow The Three Tuxedos and their party to enter. The Three Tuxedos head to the front of the room where a couch-like seating area is already set up for them. Django and Cobain head to each end of it to stand guard with the others taking positions around the room. In all, there are fourteen cats on guard in the room. Django did get things set up for sure.
As Jules Verne is looking around the lounge the door opens and in walk… Dogs?
No. Humans? No. CATS… BIG CATS. This is not an invasion from the Dog Star Nebula. It’s the return of an exploratory team that went out over, in human terms, a century ago. It consisted of a team of large cats, tigers, who come from the third planet. They went out to see what is beyond the system they call home. These would be their ancestors.
“Welcome home, and who might we be addressing today?” Jules Vern says with all nobility and grace as the three rise on their seats to honor the new arrivals.
“Thank you, sir. And you must be The Three Tuxedos we address. I am from the line of the Nobles from the third world. My name is Jumba. We do apologize for the way we entered the system, but communications have changed and we are not in full tune with the CATNET used today by the small cat. We finally found a means, but by then you had forces deployed and we did not want any harm coming to our smaller brothers or the Big Cats on the third world. This is why we set up a distraction on Catdromida to…
“But a Dog Park?” asks Toby.
“The first thing that came to mind,” says Jumba
“It was effective for sure,” says Jules Verne, “as it did divide our attention when we got the call about it.”
Boost steps forward on the couch, “Welcome home Jumba and welcome home to all those in your crews. Please feel free to travel anywhere in the system as your forefathers did and those who call the third planet home do today. But please no more dog parks.”
“Thank you Mr. Boost and all the tuxedos. When we get settled back in we will contact your scientists to share what we found out there beyond our system.”
“Thank you,” says Mr. Bach, “we look forward to that and we can catch you and your team up on today’s technology if you like.”
And with that, the “Invasion” is off. The Threat in no more and The military is called home. Coolville is properly transformed into the farmland needed to raise Catnip and other herbs for cat treats and production resumes at the Coolville plants.
For sure NO DOG PARKS needed here in the universe of the cat.

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