To Space Or Not To Space

Episode 5


To Space Or Not To Space

Episode 5 Dog Park

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Tituba – Supreme Commander (Bombay Cat)

Jule Verne, Boost, and Toby – The Three Tuxedos

Bach, Beethoven – The Scientists

Theodore Roosevelt – Assistant to the Scientists

James Patterson and Buck Rogers – The Three Tuxedos’ Advisers.

Django, Cobain, Ginger, and Mr. Boots – Security to The Three Tuxedos

Donna Noble and Toppie – Advisors to Supreme Commander Tituba

Bagheera and Shanti – Coolville

Fictitious Big Cat Jumba

“That’s what the message says. A dog park.” relays Teddy in a little kitty voice as if he was just scolded. “The island they started on is looking more and more like a dog park than a farm.”

Buck Rogers looks at the scientist and asks, “How is this possible? Our team of cats is supposed to be running the machines.”

Beethoven says, “Yes, they are controlling them by remote from Coolville, not on site.” Bach continues “And it appears whoever is controlling that mess is taking control of our Terra farming machines. I would say that tells us who is on-board these ships and where they are from.”

Mr. Patterson tells Toby to relay the following messages to Coolville,

“Mayor shut down all operations both at home and on the island until further notice.” And a second message, “To the mass approaching Catdromida: Do you come as friend or foe? This is your final warning message. Respond now or…”

Teddy interrupts, “To The Three Tuxedos lower your weapons. We do not come with the war in our hearts. We come as friends, as long-lost cousins.

We request to speak directly to you in one revolution of your sun on Space Platform Alpha One. Please Respond.”

Jules Verne asks “What frequency is that coming in on Teddy?”

“It is coming across the main CATNET that we use whisker to whisker. What is strange is that I have to be ON the console to register it.”

Mr. Verne gives the following orders, “All ships stand down, but stay prepared. We will meet with these creatures and find out if friend or foe.”

And to the war room. “They better not be the dogs or else I will not be responsible for what follows. I was chased down by a mutt when I was visiting a human on planet earth.”

“Message to the Mass:” Says, Mr. Verne. “One solar revolution we will expect you to communicate with our dock master on your approach. In the meantime cease your advance.”

“Confirmed,” Is all they respond on the console in front of Teddy.”

Toby turns to Teddy and says, “Keep us updated on Coolville please Mr. Roosevelt.”

Teddy responds, “I sure will Mr. Toby. They are saying the machines are all stopped, and we have control again. The only issues arise when they restart. How will they handle it?”

“One solar revolution, gentle cats, and we will meet these creatures in the lounge. Mr. Django, Mr. Cobain, please have your security teams updated and in position from the dock to the lounge as well as in the lounge.”

Django responds, “Very good sir. It will be done.” With that Django and Cobain heads out to prepare the teams.

To Be Catinued

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