Spring Is Here…

Spring is Here…

Along with birds, flowers in bloom walks in the park or the country, pollen,…and of course our favorite, the FLEA, AND TICK. Time to go into battle mode. Most people head to the nearest big-box store and buy a bag of poison to spread on the yard. It kills the bugs but it can also poison our fur babies. If it doesn’t kill them it can severely compromise their health. Instead of doing this why not let nature give us the answer, using bugs against bugs instead. I’m not suggesting having someone come out with a truck full of bugs, but using a bug so small that you can spray them on your yard with a hose-end sprayer you can get at the big-box store or someplace like Amazon.

As a disclaimer, the following links may be affiliate links with Amazon as that is where we buy our pest control bugs.

The bug I am referring to is the nematode. We spray them out on our property starting with the area around the house working out toward the outer area of the 1\2 acre we maintain as the yard area. No, I don’t cover the whole yard but that’s no problem because these bugs love to help with bug control. They cover an area eating and laying their eggs in host bugs giving their offspring a good meal then they move out farther on the property. We spray new nematodes after Derby Day here in Kentucky then again in four months to keep them active through the season. And don’t worry if one or more of your fur babies gets hit by the spray, it just means they will be flea-free for a few weeks and help with the pest control.

So what do I need to get started with nematodes? The easiest and probably most available option is Amazon so I will provide links to the one we use at the sanctuary and rescue. You will need the bugs of course, but you will also need a clean hose-end sprayer that has never been used for ANY OTHER CHEMICALS. And a good hose to connect it to. When I spray I start at the house and cover most of the backyard then move to the front where I spray about a third of it. We give them about a week or two and they cover the rest of the lower half-acre along with some of the neighboring property on each side. Then in a few more weeks, they expand their area to probably one to two acres as they take care of many pests in their battle for food and propagation.

Now for the links, I promised from Amazon:

The sprayer we use for nothing but the nematodes.

The Nematodes that we use.

And the reason I mentioned Derby Week? You don’t want to spray these little helpers out until after the final frost of the season. When we lived in Texas we waited until the mesquite trees budded out showing the last frost had happened. Use whatever works where you live, but start strong with following that rule and they can work hard for you.

Mark “Crazy Cat Daddy” Nelson

CVO at Crazy Cat Sanctuary and Black Cat Rescue

crazycatdaddy007 at gmail.com