To Space Or Not To Space


Tituba – Supreme Commander (Bombay Cat)

Jule Verne, Boost, and Toby – “The Three Tuxedos”

Bach, Beethoven – The Scientists

Theodore Roosevelt – Assistant to the Scientists

James Patterson and Buck Rogers – Three Tuxedo’s Advisers.

Django, Cobain, Ginger, and Mr. Boots – Security to the Three Tuxedos

Donna Noble and Toppie – Advisors to Supreme Commander Tituba

Bagheera and Shanti – Coolville

Space, the final frontier. To boldly go where no CAT has gone be… 

“Hey writer man, we are not writing another space opera, especially a CAT Space Opera. Now let’s start over: says one black and white tuxedo cat. 

“Yes sir Mr. Verne,” replies the author. “To Space, Take Two.” 

We find one handsome tuxedo cat at the end of a futuristic machine below the waves of the Atlantic prowling around looking for merchant ships and ships of the war he ma… 

“NO, NO, No,… Try Again.” 

“To Space, Take Three.” 

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the CATverse where cats reign supreme. We stand at the highest point in this wonderful world and as far as we can see is everything related to the feline, large, and small. You will find Bangles, Persians, Rag Dolls, Siamese, Maine Coons, and more. But you will also find The Three Tuxedos Toby, Boost, and the Ruler Jules Verne. This little tuxedo and his two advisors rule the planet known as Catdromida

“Now that is more like it writer man.” 

“Thank You, Mr. Verne.” 

Catdromida is on the outer end of one arm on a spiral galaxy with a binary sun and two moons. Its capital city is called Tuxedo Junction and is located in the northern hemisphere on a landmass about the size of Texas and Oklahoma in The United States on the planet Earth. There is only one cat who has more authority and Mr. Verne has to answer to and that is the Supreme Commander, Ms. Tituba. 

We zoom into a meeting room in the capitol building we see The Three Tuxedos around a conference table in deep discussion. The problem though is the worried look on the faces as if something is desperately wrong. Could it be war” Natural Disaster” Veterinary care” No, nothing that manner? The problem is the trade between the capital Island and the primary supplier of catnip and treats. The county of Coolville is saying they are running into problems due to weather with the production of the catnip and fresh ingredients that go into the treats, and they want the national scientific community to see what they can do about weather modification. Mr. Boost is worried this would lead to major trouble as it would not only affect Coolville, but it would affect the countries around it as well. Mr. Toby Says it’s time to call in the two top scientists on Catdromida to see what they would think. Mr. Vern and Mr. Boost agreed and the word went out over the CATNET asking them to appear within two days. The order becomes an official world decree when Ms. Tituba puts her paw of approval on the order so in two days the scientist makes their appearance in Tuxedo Junction

Mr. Bach and Mr. Beethoven enter the meeting room followed by one of their assistant Mr. T. Roosevelt and under the escort of Mr. DJango and Mr. Cobain. Before the doors are closed we see two other big cats rushing in. They are the other advisors to The Three Tuxedos. One is a Maine coon, Mr. Buck Rogers and the other is a British Shorthair, Mr. James Patterson. This is going to be a very high-pressure meeting. As the doors finally close they are guarded by other cats of the Royal Guard, a very secret group of cats chosen to guard The Three Tuxedos. Outside we find Mr. Ginger and Mr. B.A. and inside Mr. Magic, pronounced Majic, and Mr. Boots, the only tuxedo in the Royal Guard. 

As the meeting is called to order Mr. Verne presents the problem of weather modification to Mr. Bach and Mr. Beethoven while Mr. Roosevelt, Teddy, takes notes. Boost and Toby present the inherent dangers that modification can produce and Mr. Verne gives information received from Coolville that the producers have sent in. The meeting goes into overdrive when the scientist tells all five cats what it will take to do what Coolville wants to be done and how it will involve charging the atmosphere, seeding clouds, and other scientific changes required in that region of the world. They also let it be known these changes WILL be well beyond that region alone. 

Bach, Beethoven, and Teddy all suggest as a planet the cats look beyond weather modification and find other ways of producing raw material starting with the catnip. They also say the whole scientific community starting with them will come together to help. With that, the scientists head back to their labs and Mr. Verne reports to Ms. Tituba. 

As days turn into weeks the catnip and treats start getting more scarce on the shelves. Bach sends Teddy to report to “The Three Tuxedos,” Mr. Patterson, and Mr. Buck Rogers. He enters the meeting hall the doors close behind him with the Royal Guard Standing guard at the doors. 

“Mr. Verne, we have come up with a possible solution, but Coolville will not like what we have to say as it will potentially upset their economy if not done correctly.” 

“Go on Mr. Roosevelt.” Instruct Jules Verne. 

“Thank you, sir. There is an island approximately thirty-six-time units away by catboat and forty-two-time units freight transport from Coolville. This island could become the growing area for Coolville and could be brought under their control and authority by royal decree if approved by the Supreme Commander and your team. We could help with preparation at the land along with the farming community and no weather modification would be required. Our Biologists and Botanists could oversee the preparation and initial production to protect this land so it would still be as nature intended it to be.” 

“So how could it be a disaster to Coolville?” Mr. Patterson wants to know. 

The disaster would happen if Coolville refuses to look at their future and insists on staying 100% on their local land. If they look beyond that they can increase yield and find production volume with as good or better quality.” Teddy says. 

Mr. Toby speaks up “could any of this benefit our space fleet and our three sister planets?” 

Teddy pulls up his notes searching for one specific area then answers “Yes Mr. Toby, according to our numbers we would have to bring on another one or two freight haulers bringing our total to just from there to six. We could even export more to our military wing if we want. By our numbers in two years, we would be able to send off-world to our three sister planets as well as two to three other worlds by this move and adding two other islands in that group without hurting or depriving our population. 

As the five cats listen to our Mr. Roosevelt, Ms. Tituba is listening in on the CATNET, keeping up with the issues of Coolville. When she hears the solution she talks to Jules Verne by CATNET and says only one word. “Proceed” and with that things start to happen. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Patterson notified the leaders of Coolville of the solution to get their input and to let them know what needs to be done as they go forward. Also, a meeting at Tuxedo Junction is set up for three days down the road for all parties involved. 

The next time The Three Tuxedos meet they are joined by the leaders of Coolville. Mr. Bagerra and Mr. Shanti pull up to the table prepared for the worse as the three scientists come out of a side room with Mr. Patterson and Mr. Rogers. Before anyone has a chance to speak a voice from across the CATNET speaks up which is very unusual for meetings such as this. That voice is from the Supreme Commander as she says, “For this solution to work all parties including me and my assistants MUST work together. If everyone here agrees with the proposed solution Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Cobain will oversee its implementation and will answer directly to Mr. Verne and myself or my primary Assistants Ms. Donna Noble or Ms. Toppie. If agreeable, please proceed.” And with that, the wheels for the future are put into motion. 

What Is the future of Coolville? Will this solution work as laid out by the scientists of Catdromida

To Be CATtinued

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