Hide & Seek: The Story Of An Abused Kitty

Ms. Boots

The following story is one reason Crazy Cat Sanctuary and Black Cat Rescue exist.

Hi, my name is Ms. Boots. I would not be here telling this story if it were not for a team effort between a sweet lady named Monica Webb and Crazy Cat Sanctuary and Black Cat Rescue. My humans can only speculate as to what happened to me before Ms. Monica found me at Meade County Animal Control, but it was not nice. I did not show any signs of physical abuse, but by my reaction to them, I showed I had been beaten and I showed signs of verbal abuse by my reaction to loud voices.

When Ms. Monica found me I was huddled in the back of a cage at Animal Control and was classified as not being adaptable because I would not come forward in the cage for any reason. She saw me and took me home with her.

For the next two months, I was a scared little kitty hiding behind her washer and dryer or out in the back corners of her garage. This was no life for a little kitty. Ms. Monica was not sure, but she suspected the reason I was beaten and yelled at was something I could not help. I would leave little messes wherever I was, but she was not sure why, Ms. Monica was in communication with the humans at a sanctuary for kitties who are abused or neglected, and she told them about me. The human I now call Daddy, aka Mark, said let’s meet and see about getting this little girl down to CSBCR. Sister, aka Dorothy, Daddy and Ms. Monica met at Subway in Elizabethtown, Ky and Ms. Monica introduced them to me; I was once again a scared little kitty in the back of a cage.