The Story of a Viking

This girl’s life at the Sanctuary all started on day two at the rescue the team, Mark and Dorothy, did in Meade County (link to Smokey). They were out on-site when they counted not two, but three cats left to catch. When they left the day before they only had two now they have two plus one BIG CAT. She is almost too big for the biggest rescue trap we had. It’s a good thing she is very friendly and a fresh dump. Smokey who is the leader of the pride at the rescue site takes her in and when Mark and Dorothy show up he is sure to let them know about the new arrival.

It doesn’t take long to get friendly with her, and she lets Daddy pick her up and love on her. They make sure there are some food and water in the transport cage, and she gets in without a fight. They finish catching the last two and by mid-afternoon That second day they are on their way home and sit down with Sister, the cat whisperer, to discuss possible names. She says she wants a VIKING name and sister gets to work. A couple of days later they get back together and the name Agatta comes out. In the U.S. we say Agatha with that she is our BIG VIKING WARRIOR PRINCESS. To give you some idea of the size, she is bigger than a Maine Coon, but a bit smaller than a Rag Doll Cat.