Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction

Location-Northern Hemisphere of Planet One

Area-Size of Rhode Island on Earth 1,212 mi²

The seat of power and home of most education. The Supreme Commanders’ home and the office is here and located on the very north side of the city. The chambers for The Three Tuxedo’s are located in the center of the city at the Capitol building on the third floor just down from their conference room. The War Room is also located here on Sub-Level 4

This is also where the seat of Cat education is. Most of it is located on the west and south sides of town. On the west side, you will find the campuses of Kiddy Academy and Prep Academy. You will also find the sports complexes for Paw Ball and for what humans call Football or Soccer. On the south side is the largest campus, Catdromida Institute of Sciences.

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